5 Super Famous Superheros Comic Book – All Time

Comics “exhaust” their power and ideas from lot of things including comic books. Comic books continue to be popular despite lot of visual respresentation in form of movies, visual comics etc. Comic books still are in trend and continue to be. Below are some of the 5 most popular money making machines superheroes comic book of all time…

Capitain America

captain america comic

In the World War II, a patriotic warrior Steve Rogers became a living symbol of liberty starting his adventure as a human – live test subject in the military project Super Soldier Serum. This comic superhero character that was most popular throughout the war, he was frequently depicted fighting with the Axis powers.

Yet, Captain America’s popularity was plaining a bit following the war end. He was reintroduced during the Silver Age of comic strips, revived from suspended animation the Avengers. Captain America can be famous for his shield, which can be made from an indestructible vibranium – admantium alloy.

Iron Man

iron man comic

When he was kidnapped by terrorists who attempted to induce him to create a weapon of mass destruction a filthy rich bussines owner, Tony Stark endured a serious heart weakness. He created a powered suit of armor escape and to save his life. Tony would later use the suit to defend the planet as the invincible Iron Man, a modern day knight in high tech armour. Additionally he got extremely succesful with 3 sequels of Iron Man the movies that nailed a big hit in USA and world wide.


hulk comic

Supervising the outcome of an experimental powerful bomb he had made serving U.S. Defense Department at a nuclear plant in New Mexico, Bruce Banner selflessly rushed onto the testing field when he noticed a teenager who had wandered hazard zone.

After shoving young Rick Jones to safety in a nearby ditch, Bruce Banner was contaminated by the deadly gamma energy – blast which converted him into a live engine of destruction known as the incredible Hulk. The Hulk has been a large part of Marvel’s rise to stardom and fans worldwide enjoyed the intense action and emotion that The Hulk exudes.



SpiderMan is Marvel number one comic superhero, with series of hit movies, devotees, and lots of popular comic books to enjoy reading. He is produced by the writer Stan Lee and talented artist and well known Steve Ditko. The sting of an amazing spider enabled & granted high school learner Peter Parker some really incredible powers. SpiderMan has spider alike abilities including super – human strength as well as the capacity to climb to the majority of surfaces. He has amazing reflexes and is also incredibly agile.


batman comic

This comic character is a money making machine. Just check out The Dark Knight’s earnings in box Office with over$1,001,921,825 worldwide. Batman is created by Bob Kane & Bill Finger. Batman appeared for the first time in Detective Comics May, 1939. After witnessing the murder of his parents as a child, Batman/Bruce dedicates his whole life to protect the people living in Gotham City from criminals.

Do you know why Batman is number one? The answer is simple. Apart from most heroes, he has no special powers and he’s able can beat anyone including old fox Joker. He’s just a normal guy , like you and me, With his mind, and super – computer in the Bat – Cave, he has been able to prevent many problems, from seemingly random evil tricks by the Joker to the toughest riddles of The Evil Riddler.

Wonder Woman

wonder woman comic

Wonder Woman is the Planet’s most well-known female comic book/movie superhero. She is based in the Amazons of Greek mythology, Wonder Woman was created from William Moulton Marston as a distinctly feminist leading model whose mission was to bring the Amazon ideals of peace, love, a world torn by the hatred of men.

Wonder Woman firstly appeared in All Star Comics number 8  in late December 1941. Wonder Woman is an inspiration to young women aroung the globe, where she can match out with any super villain (even men), and Lynda Carter’s portrayal in the 1970s TV show inspired the dreams of young boys everywhere as well!


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