Why do Comics and Movies GO Together? – A Comic ‘Raining Fall’

What We Like From Comic Movies

I must say that watching online movies with a comic background (read: story) for free has a meaning, we don’t only watch free streaming movies with the popular https://megamovies.cc because we think they’re good or they will make us feel relaxed or anything like that, there’s something behind our desires to watch movies, something that really makes us put together our mind in order to watch movies often for free especially if you aren’t an enthusiast someone who just watches movies from time to time.

It is a common knowledge that movies allow people to escape their reality, and that’s something we value a lot. However, this act of watching online free movies or HD movies is more than just escapism. Movies actually take people to other dimensions, worlds, places they’ve never seen before and even take them into the lives of totally different people from themselves.  This is a window, a window that broadens the perspective of people who watch movies, something that makes us wonder what life would be in we weren’t the person we are.

The Window Idea from Free Movies in a Comic Perspective

picture of the batmobile

The window idea when we watch new movies online free comes directly from the cinema. This idea is somehow simple but at the same time difficult to grasp. The film is like a shot or an image framed in a window that reveals a new reality to our world, something we have in plain view, but thanks to films we can actually feel it as real.

Film and watching free movies is like a window to another reality, something that makes us watch the reality of our own world in more detail and at the same time, watches those things that we didn’t think existed.

On the other hand, film can be something without meaning, ambiguous, undetermined, that doesn’t have an end, a reality we can’t grasp completely because it notes another world, a world pretty different from the one we habit, and at the same time, the same world we live, meaning that film is actually a window from what we can’t see but only feel.

This “windows” is the idea that we as humans actually seek this window to escape, something to entertain us with a different life perspective, something to feel peculiar and be more than just ourselves, something that made us feel, imagine and see differently and at the same time in the same way, that we in our lives just want windows.

Watching Comic Movies is More Than a Window

To watch full movies free or free streaming online movies is not something we do to look for a window, especially comic ones where you backup the story from a previous comic book your have read, is also a magnifying glass, a telescope and a microscope, something that make us look at life with magnificence and curiosity, to look at reality as what it really is.

Free Movies Online are approximates of the daily lives we live. Something that makes us watch the small things of life, the truth behind what we do and what we want, what we think and what we feel, the here and the now. Movies are more than a window; movies are a place in which meaning is not entirely hidden, a place in which we can find our own interpretation of life, or anything, or at least, a place where we don’t find anything at all.

To watch full movies free provides us of a reality even more real than the one we live every day. Movies are the idea that life is more than just what we see, that life and imagination itself are even more real than reality and that reality is something even more profound than what we live, something that has a further meaning, a deeper sense than the one we know.

Comic Movies are Like Poetry

movies are like poetry

Yes, to watch new comic movies online free is like reading poetry, is like having life take a new zip of knowledge into our world. Watching movies is finding the meaning behind the more simple things and make them feel wonderful. Movies are the exact reality of what we can’t see, but only feel and at the same time, the reality we live in.

Movies give us another feel of what life is, some movies even make us think about life very differently, as something even more real than reality, and if we think enough about some movies, we can even change the way we see life, changing our total perspective of what we are and what we do, just like poetry is, finding a meaning behind what doesn’t have to mean.

Movies with a Comic Background – More than a Story

Watching online movies free give people something else to think about. This “something” is just more than a story, as we can get a story from reading a book, a play or just going to the theater. Movies are another reality; movies are something we long for because they are, more than a medicine from stress, they’re a way to make us feel alive than we are.
We like movies because they capture the real essence of our lives and our world, in a way no other form of art is able to. We feel everything we see in a movie, every inch of blood being dropped from an action movie, every texture of a dress from a movie depicting an old age, every tormented face of a movie about drama and tragedy, every scary face of a horror movie and every line of sadness, happiness and confusion the camera is able to grasp and send to our brains.
That’s what we like about movies, more than a story, more than special effects, more than just being able to escape our reality, we like them because they give us more about us, more about life, they give us reality in another perspective. Movies are a simple art that creates complex realities.








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